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Practice Putting Like a PGA Tour Professional

How is it that PGA Pros make every putt? The answer, they don't. When they get out around 8ft, it becomes a 50/50 shot for them sinking the putt. To put it into perspective for you, take a second, stand up and take three typical steps. That is around 8ft. The best in the world miss that putt half the time! What separates the professionals from amateurs when it comes to putting is, there putt avoidance. The average PGA professional will three-putt only 2% of the time from 40ft. Perspective, this time, take 15 steps. Could you two-putt from that distance 98% of the time? Oh yeah, and don't forget to add slopes and grain into the equation. We need to get better at getting putts outside of 15ft to stop within 10% of the total distance. Example: If you have a 30ft putt, your goal is to stop the ball within a 3ft ring around the hole. For a 40ft putt, 4ft ring around the hole, and so on. Give my game check drill a shot and let me know how it goes. If you make any modifications, please post them. Thank you!

Nick Waldum

Golf Instructor

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