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PGA Professional Proximity to Hole 100 - 125 Yards

PGA Golf Professional Infographic Proximity to Hole From 100 -125 Yards. Practice Drill Golf Improvement
PGA Golf Professional 2019 Stats, Infographic 100 - 125 Yards.

How do you stack up against PGA Golf Professionals from 100 - 125 yards? I have played many competitive rounds of golf in my career, and can not count the number of times I've seen players slam a club because they hit a 100-yard wedge shot to 20 feet. I understand that we want to stick it! Those times will come if you keep your cool and take it one shot at a time. Use my game check drill and challenge yourself. You can make this your own, Hit from different holes on the course/ driving range, First cut of rough, divot in the fairway, mix it up. If you have ideas for this drill, please post them in the comments. I'm always looking for new ideas that I haven't thought of yet. Thank you, Nick Waldum Golf, Golf Lessons, Denton TX.

-Nick Waldum

Golf Teaching Professional

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