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Nick Waldum Golf is a comprehensive approach to golf instruction around the world. Nick Waldum analyzes every client's golf swing through the latest video technology and coaching platform. This approach identifies imbalances, weaknesses, and limitations specific to each individual, which allows for a customized swing solution to increase accuracy, distance, and lower scores. Golf instruction is conducted virtually or in-person in Aubrey, TX. Every new client goes through an initial evaluation to determine what key focus areas are going to have the most significant impact.



Nick Waldum

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Nick Waldum


As a lifetime athlete and avid sports fan I find nothing more satisfying than to help a client reach their full potential both on and off the golf course. To excel in golf you must master coordination, stamina, balance, mobility, strength, and mental toughness. Over a decade in golf instruction combined with my accumulation of strength and conditioning certifications has led me to understand the importance of  improving all aspects of the golf game. I help my clients identify which area of their game is costing them the most strokes and we attack each weakness until it becomes a strength. 


  • Titleist  - TPI Level 1 Golf Instructor

  • Active Life RX Immersions Certified

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity

  • CrossFit Running

Previous Positions
  • Bear Creek Golf Club- Golf Instructor

  • Frisco Lakes Golf Course- Head Golf Professional 

  • Tour 18- Golf Instructor

  • Jeff Isler Golf- Master Golf Instructor and Lead Junior Athletic Golf Academy Instructor

  • CrossFit Gonzo- CrossFit Coach

Professional Golf Instructor
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7204 Wildflower Way,

Aubrey, TX 76227

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